Dolphin Design

My 25+ years of experience as a graphic designer started in the high-tech industry, in the creative departments of Aldus and Adobe. I moved on to one of Seattle’s first Web design companies [], later to Visio, and then Microsoft, before branching out on my own.

It’s all of that high tech experience that’s made me the designer that I am today: someone with a deep appreciation of art and design, but who also understands what’s ‘under the hood’ of a website and how to marry design and technology.

Dolphin Design also believes in creative teamwork. To provide clients with full-service graphic design and website solutions, I often collaborate with other creative professionals. Meet some of my creative partners.

With a B.F.A in Graphic Design from the University of Washington, I continue to hone my design and technical skills taking a wide variety of training courses every year.

I live aboard my 40′ sailboat, currently sailing the Seven Seas with my husband and two kitties. I’m also a Certified Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach, and work with clients who want to live a happier, healthier lifestyle. You can learn more on my blog:

Head shot photo credit: Jerry Davis Photography

We are grateful to Heidi and Dolphin Design for the ability to listen to our needs, and respond to them in a manner which is extremely helpful. The equipoise fund website is exactly what we hoped for!