Web Design

I apply my fresh and clean approach to my web design as well. For me, good websites are easy-to-navigate, easy-to-read, and easy-on-the-eye.

Besides making good design sense, why is this so important? Because the easier it is for your customers to navigate your site and readily get the information they need, the more quickly it translates into business for you.

Though I spent many years hand-coding HTML/CSS websites, today I specialize in designing custom WordPress sites, making it easier for clients to maintain and update their own sites.

Although I also realize that a clients’ forte may be in making or selling widgets, and they may not have the bandwidth to update their own site, even in WordPress. So I’m always happy to update your site for you as well.

See the Clients List on my About page for links to more of my web design projects.

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We are grateful to Heidi and Dolphin Design for the ability to listen to our needs, and respond to them in a manner which is extremely helpful. The equipoise fund website is exactly what we hoped for!